Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pearl Jewelry Unique In Nature

Pearl jewelry is much admired these days because of the type of necklaces that can be made from using pearls as a raw material. Natural pearls take years to form and when one takes a look at them it is apparent why pearls are so sought after to make the ideal necklace or earring.

Indeed the ideal pearl jewelry set would consist of the pearl earring set, a lengthy but tastefully made necklace made from a string of superb round pearls and sometimes the set would also contain a bracelet made from smaller sized natural pearls.

The best quality pearls that are highly spherical in shape and large-sized are reserved for creating the necklace since that is the center piece of the pearl jewelry set. There are experts who evaluate the worth of individual pearls and they are often auctioned away to the highest bidders before a jeweler gets to work on them.

If you are on the lookout for a really cheap variant of these expensive jewelry sets then you should consider going for a pearl jewelry set that consists of artificially produced pearls. However the sheen that is seen in natural pearls can never be replaced by artificial production methods that are employed.

They will definitely be lighter on the pocket though. It all depends on your budget and the purpose of purchasing the set. If it is for your marriage then it is definitely worth it to get the set made of original pearls that are naturally formed.

Pearl jewelry that has a hint of silver in them are especially good looking because pearls and silver go together really well. Pearls are pure white in color and compliments this shade easily.

Necklaces and jewelry sets that are made of this combination of precious jewels would be ideal for being worn by women on the day of their marriage. This is because they look quite dainty and don't give off the impression of being overly showy. Pearl and silver jewelry is the only type that manages to display this characteristic properly.

Thus if you are on the lookout for jewelry that is classy and yet not as expensive as a diamond necklace would cost, then getting yourself a pearl jewelry set would be the way to go today.

There are interesting variations that are adopted by jewelers such as combining pearls with beads and similar fancy adornments that alter their look considerably. However the plain pearl necklace made from natural pearls is one of the best gifts a man can present his woman, so keep that in mind if you are shopping for a jewelry set for your special lady!

Billy Horner, is a professional writer for silver jewelry products. Permission to reprint this article is granted if the article is reproduced in its entirety, without modification, including all information.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jewelry is a Fashion Necessity

Designer fashion jewelry is no longer just a trend. It just definitely become one of the hottest and most desired elements of fashion for women. There is a problem with popularity though. When designer jewelry becomes really popular, and it is somewhat costly, that is when the jewelry and designs start to become developed by these knock off companies.

It is important to pay attention to detail and quality and reputable companies if you want to purchase the designer fashion jewelry. The knock off companies are often using less valuable materials and may not have the same level of workmanship.

Stores and retailers that sell designer fashion jewelry will have a well established reputation and therefore the consumer will know that they can be trusted. For instance, if looking for a piece of Monet, then you will want to shop with a place like Dillard's or Kohl's, or perhaps another local department store.

It is less likely that these well known department stores will be selling knock off materials. These stores run on good service and quality merchandise. It is also recommended that when purchasing designer jewelry that the item is inspected for the correct designer label. If there is no label, then it is probably not from the designer you are wishing to purchase.

It is a good idea to shop at the local jeweler or bead crafter's shop. These small shops are less likely to use imitation products because they are a small business and are trying to develop into something larger or they have a steady clientele and need to keep that client base. It is recommended that perhaps you shy away from discount retailers and stores. This is because they often do not have any accountability for their products. It would be quite a shame to purchase a piece of jewelry that you thought was glass beads and it turned out to be coasted plastic.

Then there is of course online shopping. For those who like to shop in the convenience of their own home, it is important to make sure that the website is reputable. There are some questionable salespeople that do sneak through though, so still be careful. Designer fashion jewelry is a great way to enjoy accessorizing and personalizing your wardrobe, but make sure that you are spending money on items that are what they claim to be, the original.

By Elvin Retinz

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Gemstones - Special Variety of Semi Precious Stones

Gemstones are very special kind of semi-precious stones. These gems, when cut and polished are used for making jewelry and other ornaments. They are also used for adorning fashionable clothing items. These stones are widely worn with rings, used in pendants and used as birthstones. Their applications are numerous. But, their primary objective is one , i.e., decoration or adornment. According to the gemologists, the properties of gemstones differ according to their chemical composition. Let's know more about the various varieties of this fabulous semi-precious stone.

If some astrologers are to be believed, the gemstones are not only adornment items, but they considerably influence the human intellect and fate. Apart from this, various scientific studies have also revealed the fact that these gems exert influence on human psychology and bodily processes. However, there are hundreds of varieties of gemstones available at present, but the most popular types are as mentioned under:

1) Agate Stone: Agate is a fibrous variety of the silica, chiefly chalcedony. It is distinguished by its fine-grains and bright color. Its popular types include blue, green, Indian, Kentucky and moss. This stone is believed to cure insomnia, augment strength, protect against potential dangers and provide a healthy life.

2) Amethyst Stone: It is a violet variety of quartz, commonly used in jewelry. Its main characteristics include its purple color and multiple shades like Rose France, Siberian, etc. Amethyst stone is mostly used for adorning expensive jewelry. The features of this gem may vary from region to region. In other words, the amethyst stone found in one place is not necessarily alike in all respect to that found in some other place.

3) Gold Stone: These semi-precious stones are found in colors like blue, pink, green, white and so. But, the most common color of this gem is reddish-brown. There is absolutely no cleft on the surface of gold stones. The primary characteristics of this gem are its ductility and malleability. They are mainly found in South Africa, Canada, U.S., Australia and in some African lands.

4) Moonstone: It is a very popular type of gemstone. In scientific language it is called potassium aluminum silicate. Its name is derived from its quality of reflecting the light internally which creates a visual effect that resembles the surface of the moon. This gem comes in a wide array of colors.

5) Quartz Stone: Quartz is found in almost all types of geological environment. Some of its common varieties include onyx, carnelian, flint, jasper and bloodstone. The unique chemical structure of quartz provides it with extra stability and striation.

6) Turquoise Stone: Turquoise is known to eliminate the negativity. Basically, it is a bluish-green mineral of aluminum and copper. It is one of the oldest known gems. According to the ancient Persian and Indian manuscripts, turquoise can put a favorable effect on the health of a person and his destiny. It is mainly found in Iran, the United States, Africa, Australia, Siberia, China, Tibet and Europe.

By Vivek Kumar Gupta

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gemstones and Their Meanings

You might want to buy yourself a gemstone or gift it to someone you love. These stones are a pricey investment and it would be a great idea to combine your purchase with some knowledge about the meanings of these stones.

You can then justify your purchase and a valuable gift to that special someone. In reality, gemstones are pieces of attractive mineral that are cut, polished and set into metal to make items of jewelry. You might find some stones that are actually rocks and not minerals like lapis lazuli for example.

The color of a gemstone is usually its most attractive features. You will find these stones in all conceivable hues and shades. While you choose one that is to your liking, you should also understand that these colors symbolize certain qualities for their intended wearers. Here are some of the common gemstones and their meanings.

Amethyst and aquamarine usually symbolize deep love and happiness. The beryl symbolizes everlasting youth and hope. These are ideal gifts for young people. You could also gift a young adult a garnet as it symbolizes strength and faith.

The stone is supposed to endow cheerfulness and sincerity on it wearer. For those who seem to be going through a rough patch, a carnelian is a good choice as it encourages peace and joy. The stone disperses sorrow from the wearer's life.

Coral is usually chosen as an amulet to ward off disease and accidents. It also represents attachment and is usually gifted to older persons. Emerald symbolizes hope and rejuvenation. This would make a good gift for someone who is recuperating.

A cat's eye means long life and warns its wearer of impending danger. Bloodstone is supposed to endow the wearer with courage and wisdom. It symbolizes brilliance and generosity. A carbuncle also symbolizes vitality and strength. A simple crystal represents purity, while a diamond means brilliance and constancy.

By Paul Kramer

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gemstones on the Internet

Lots of retailers sell jewelry, but you don't often see the sign "Colored Gemstones For Sale." That's because the loose gemstone business is a rather specialized one. Most of the people who buy loose gemstones are either gems dealers themselves or jewelry designers.

There aren't enough gemstone collectors or aficionados in most places to justify a gemstone store at your local shopping mall. There are actually a large number of gemstone buyers, but they are distributed all over the world.

So successful gemstone dealers have learned to reach the market via the internet. Recently we've seen attempts to use television shopping channels as well to reach consumers, but it is too soon to say if any companies can survive doing that, given the very high marketing costs.

One of the challenges of the colored gemstone trade is that gems are mined and cut and polished in far flung regions of the world. So if you want to be a gemstone dealer, North America or Europe is not the best place to be. Indeed, American buyers have to wait for the annual Tucson gem show for dealers from all over the world to bring their goods to the USA.

The main cutting centers for colored gemstones are in Thailand and India. Since Thailand has better infrastructure, it has some advantages as a trading and manufacturing center. Thailand has the the good luck to be located next to Burma, the source of some of the finest ruby, sapphire and spinel; and next to Cambodia, the source of some of the finest zircon.

Thailand has also become an important trading center for African gems such as tourmaline, tsavorite garnet, tanzanite and spessartite garnet.

You'll find many colored gemstone dealers online, but finding a reliable one is not always easy. If you'd like to learn more about gemstones for sale online see our article on What to Look For in an Online Gem Dealer.

GemSelect is one of the leading online dealers in sapphire, ruby, tourmaline, spinel and garnet.

By Ron Nash

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Best Place to Shop For Authentic Watches in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Are you looking for the best place to shop for Rolex, Chopard, Longines, Tag Hueur and more authentic designers watches in Kuala Lumpur? Well, i have the answer here for you.

The Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur i must say is your one stop destination if you are searching to buy watches.

At one end of the Pavilion shopping mall building, you can find a number of boutique selling luxury watches. There are Rolex and Tudor watches boutique one the second floor. Sincere Watch Boutique is situated opposite to a jewellery store where you can find luxurious Girard-Perregaux, Vacheron Constantine, and annex to the boutique, is where the two Storey Mont Blanc boutique operates. Mont Blanc, also famous for its pen and accessories is a must visit. This is the only such boutique in Kuala Lumpur or this region besides its Singapore branch.

The famous Louis-Ulysse Chopard originated form Sonvilier, in the Swiss Jura or better known as Chopard is also situated next to these stores. I wonder if Chopard Mille Miglia Classic, my personal favourite of Chopard was on display. I did not have much time at that particular hour to really walk into all these boutique. It will be included in my next visit. But from what i see on the window display, the offer was more towards catering ladies watches segment.

In the Pavillion also there is this Watatime boutique where you can find most of the authentic watches such as Omega, Ebel and Longines watches which has high market demand. Tag Hueur boutique is also situated near these luxury boutique but on a different floor.

The Swiss watch industries is currently experiencing decreased for four month in a row with exports dipping down to more than 22.4 percent according to reports on Reuters, but that is another issue.

Basel 2009 has recently saw the launch of many new watches from luxury brand.

The Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur is a must visit for watch enthusiast, especially if you are seriously looking for luxury and authentic watches or just to enjoy window shopping. It is also a estination for luxury jewellery shopping.
Shahzarimin Salim

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hot Trends For Spring

With Spring just around the corner, color gemstones in all their magnificent hues are resurfacing. The raw, natural and tribal look is the rage this Season with floral and leaf motifs in ring designs, pendants and earrings. Multicolor bracelets and an abundance of bangles are also in. Young women are showing a great interest in the more bold and rough finish yellow gold necklaces, while older women are looking for unique cuts and classic styles.

Trend-wise, it seems bigger is always better, this trend was visibly apparent among celebrities since last Fall and still continuing, with the addition of the color splashes. The price of gold has been reaching incredible heights, investing in yellow gold pieces is smart, if you can afford it.

However, many designers have branched out into Sterling Silver given the economic climate. While gold, forever the symbol of wealth, is the preferred metal for any precious stone, we're seeing beautiful designs with silver and color gemstones stealing the spotlight.

Today's style-conscious customers have many options, women are asking for stand-out pieces, and larger colored stones, among the favorites are the Quartz family and on the more expensive scale, are the Tourmalines, Beryls, Sapphires and Tanzanites. So what's hot in jewelry these days?

According to our own in-store experience at Jewels Quest, we're seeing a definite interest either in large color stones or large gold pieces with smaller pave accent shades of diamonds, brilliant diamonds, champagne diamonds, chocolate diamonds...

It shouldn't come as a surprise to finish this brief look into the jewelry trends with diamonds, they will, after all, always be a girl's best friend.

By Natalie C. Hunkiar

Pink Pearl Necklace

If you are looking for a special pearl necklace, why not choose a pink pearl necklace? Pink is the color of love and a cultured rope of pink pearls always looks wonderful. It brings a classy look to the wearer.

Pink pearl necklaces come in many different designs and sizes from single strand to multiple strand and everything in between. Pink can be created with both freshwater and cultured pearls. Both are beautiful and the colors of pink can range from a soft baby pink to a more bright pink. These can be sold separately or as part of a set.

Pearls are an enduring and classy look and a pink pearl necklace will look romantic without being too girly. These necklaces range in size from the choker to the opera length. So there is a length suitable for everyone.

These pearl necklaces make the perfect gift as well, no matter if it be for birthdays, holidays or special occasions. Now as far as expense goes for these types of necklaces, the range runs from highest to lowest. The most expensive is the saltwater pearls, the less expensive is the freshwater and for the least expensive, there is the simulated pearls, which look like real pearls without the price tag.

A pink pearl necklace are wonderful to wear and give an understated elegance to anyone that wears them. They also give a touch of class to anything that you may be wearing. They can be worn with formal and informal wear as well as to dress up a pantsuit or denims. So by far, wearing pearls really does add a lot of understated elegance and class, no matter what the situation. Many different influential people have worn pearls such as Jackie Kennedy and Barbara Bush.

There are many different sizes of pearls that are used in a pink pearl necklace. They range from about 3 mm to 9 mm in diameter. Usually pearls are strung on a silken cord as well. There is some color variation on the pearls, but usually strands are color matched to ensure that uniform color will be met and that the pearls themselves are of good size and are also matched by size.

So you can see why a pink pearl necklace may be a great gift to give that special someone. Pearls are always a good gift and pink pearls make an especially romantic gift to the recipient. So if you have a special anniversary or special occasion such as a birthday or just because, then these are the perfect gift.

By Alicia McWilliams